Dear brethren in Christ, friends, and well wishers 


I am hereby calling for your financial support towards acquiring of 200 Metres square land for the establishment of Kikiji National Orphanage School in Yei River County-south Sudan. This has been occasioned by the need for acquiring a piece of land to establish a school due to increased number of orphaned and vulnerable children in south Sudan. The total estimated cost of the land acquisition is SSP 7,000,000 (USD17000) for 200. The money will cover compensation fees for the community (landlords) and land registration with the County Authority


This project is an expansion of the existing “Support the Orphans” initiative being undertaken by the Kikiji National Orphanage Center South Sudan (KNOCSS) in 2020.  The Kikiji National Orphanage Centre-South Sudan was legal established in 2021 as a Charity National organization in Yei River County, Central Equatorial State-South Sudan. It exists with the vision to ensure that no child suffers or perishes from abuse, neglect or deprivation and that every child grows up in a loving center and has access to education. 


At the moment, we are not running orphanages, we are only able to identify these children from the community and the streets and support them in the homes of their relatives or guardians (fosterparents). Our intention is to provide education and career opportunities to orphaned, deprived and destitute children. Our immediate support is to keep such children in school and ensure these children continue accessing education like other children until they attain a level where they have the knowledge and skills to stand on their own. 

Kikiji orphanage is currently supporting 70 orphans (31 male and 39 female) with school fees, scholastic materials, uniforms, and other basic needs in various schools in Yei Town. We also build the capacity of their caretakers through trainings. 


All this support is generated from the generous and compassionate contributions of individuals, communities within Yei, around South Sudan and beyond that share the common and humanely believe that the less privilege in the society deserve love, care and equal opportunity to a dignified life as they didn’t choose to be in the conditions they found themselves in. 


But due to our limited monetary capacity, the nature of the support rendered to the current orphans under our scheme is so narrow that we are forced to turn away huge number of vulnerable children with tears in their eyes every time we seek to take in the limited number that are in dire need leaving majority in a helpless condition. Over the couples of these past years, the cost of paying these children in different schools, has taught us that its cheaper and cost effective if begin to channel resources towards establishment of an Orphanage School where huge number of these children can be enrolled at once and the initiative can be sustained locally. 

It’s on this basis that we approached the community in Yei River County to acquire a piece of land that is large enough to accommodate different projects that will sustain the support to the orphans alongside the education facility.


Your support towards funding of this project will go a long way in ensuring that the Kikiji National Orphanage Center as a steward in this great call achieves its goals and objectives of helping girls and boys from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their full potential in life. The support of this project is therefore an idea whose time has come and a worth investment at such a time as this.

May God richly bless and reward you for your generosity. Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and He will reward them for what they have done. Proverbs 19:17


How to send in your support?


You can send in your support through SENDWAVE, WorldRemit to +256784211105 registered with the name David Gideon Baguma/ MTN MOMO south Sudan to 0922010021 registered in the names of Kikiji orphanage Center

Or you can send through Western Union, MoneyGram, etc to 

Surname: Elioba 

Given names: Dominic Living Wawa

Telephone: +256784211105/ 0924916124


Reach our KIKIJI office in AIC Church, Hai Leben-Yei

Reach khamis Daniel in Juba +211 922 904 120


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