Yesterday, we chose to celebrate the 11th anniversary independence day of our beautiful Nation South Sudan  with the children in the Africa Inland Church  by Pouring out our love ❤️ to the children and putting  a smile in their faces as what makes me smile the most. 

Our Joy was made complete and perfect when we shared to them about the Love of Jesus Christ.  The children were awesome, we spent time together in the presence of God in prayers for the peace of South Sudan,  reading the word, praying for other suffering orphans, drawing of pictures together,  having funs together,  we ate together,  we played together and we all departed to our various homes together.  All this is because of the Love ❤️ of Jesus to the children.  In total we had 263 but of now Kikiji National Orphanage Center-South Sudan was only able to support 70 of them whom we reached today.  

Before our prayer time we asked the children,  what do you  want to tell Jesus today in your prayer ??  These are their responses:-

1. God should listen to our prayers as children for peace to reign in our country south Sudan. 

2. We need school fees so that we will continue to be in school. 

3. The spirit of death to go away from south Sudan such that we shall have no orphans in our Nation. 

4. Prayer for our parents Mr. Dominic Living Wawa and all the Kikiji Orphanage team for wisdom. 

we were challenged, If the children can have such a heart of prayer to God,  how much more can we the adults suppose to be persistent in our prayers to God?  

Lastly the kids kindly send there gratitude to all who support feeding them as some testify that 6 months without testing meat, and some also said went are you coming to see them? While others asked where’s this uncle who brought for them the meat staying? Etc 


pray with us to be able to acquire the land for these Orphans so that we shall be together with them as there grow in the fear of the Lord.

May God continue to bless you and that brother who was able to share with us what made us feed over 50 kids today. 



Dominic Living Wawa 


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