Praise the Lord dear friends of Kikiji Orphanage, on behalf of the orphanage, I would like to thank you all for been there with us from the beginning upto now, your support is doing up a great ? difference in the lives of our children. therefore We request you to pray for Kikiji orphanage center.

We would like to buy our own property for establishment of free education for our children  to offer children a long-term perspective and to create a place where they can develop personally and are encouraged. For this purpose we have found a beautiful pieace of land in Yei town which is big enough for many children (200 m² land) and we would like to buy. Since the property would have to be bought very quickly, we are dependent on your help. For SSP 7,000,000  ($17000) for the 200  square meter land  you can support us with any financially support $5, $20, $25 ……..  so that we can buy the land. The above GoFundMe is created so that we can be able to reach our goal proverbs 19:17

If you have that on your heart, we are mega happy ? and click ??? the GoFundMe link to donate please



Founder Kikiji Orphanage

Dominic Living Wawa

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