Kikiji National Orphanage Centre - South Sudan (KNOC)

Together we can raise healthy minds and healthy smiles of an orphan

About Us

Kikiji National Orphanage Centre-South Sudan is a small registered non political and non-profit making organization with the means to reach out to abandoned and orphaned children living in the streets of South Sudan.

Our Mission

Our mission is to aid orphans and other vulnerable children of all ages from South Sudan, providing substantial care, food, education, safety and security, and health care to enrich their lives and help them realize their strength and their potential to stand in this time.
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What we do

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that no child suffers or perishes from neglect, abuse or deprivation and that every child grows up in a loving centre.

Our Objectives


To provide emergency protective care, a transitional orphanage centre and community reintegration services for orphans and other vulnerable children.


To provide a safe shelter and family-like environment for orphans and other vulnerable children who have no one else to take care of them.


To provide children under our care with adequate diet, clothing, access to safe health-care, age-appropriate education and guidance, while protecting them from neglect, discrimination, violence and abuse.


To endeavor to reconnect with existing loving family members that can provide proper care for the children. Where a child is unable to return to his or her parents or extended family, to connect children under our care with loving foster and adoptive parents with whom they can experience one-on-one affection and close family relationships.


To reduce vulnerability by providing support for caretakers and the families of vulnerable children in fields such as education, health, family planning and resourcefulness.


To protect each child’s rights to heritage, religion and tribal linkage.

Our Achievements

We are running a SUPPORT an ORPHAN drive in Yei River County and beyond. The initiative is aimed at raising tuition, scholastic materials and upkeep funds to support and sustain at least 70 orphans in different schools in Yei Town Payam in 2021.

orphans identified
are now in class
have undergone trauma healing sessions
vulnerale children received shoes and santiary pads

We Need Your Help!

The Challenge

Today in South Sudan, there are many abandoned and orphaned children, with nobody to turn to for help.

KIKIJI NATIONAL ORPHANGE CENTRE-SOUTH SUDAN still needs to get a long-term funder to support its strategic plans to fulfill its long-term planned activities and programs.

Why Help Us?

  • We carry the people we serve specially the orphans and widows who are facing all kind of challenges at heart of all that we do
  • We have been helping vulnerable children and single mothers, with humanitarian services in Yei-South Sudan
  • We are ready to go wherever we are needed to go and provide services to the vulnerable community which the Lord God have placed us in.

Just A Little Can Make A Big Difference