Dear Friends, It is an honor and privilege to introduce all of you to an amazing woman named Victoria Kija Emmanuel. She is the Co-founder/director of the Kikiji National Orphanage Center- South Sudan. Which was established legally in 2021 with 16 Orphans because of the great need on ground the number grow to 24 orphans. Today there are 70 orphans under the Kikiji Orphanage. South Sudan these children have endured many traumatic and horrific experiences and have lost one or both parents due to death from the civil war, disease or were abandon by young unwed mothers living in extreme poverty. 


Victoria Kija thank you again for sacrificing yourself to come from America to South Sudan just to see that these children know that there’s someone out there for them. Friends she is just an inspiration to me, her actions speaks to me so loud. Together we can Support our kids with whatever we have. The next person to visit us is you. Proverbs19:17

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