Their Story Made us Shade tears

Their Story Made us Shade tears.

Before our parents died, we were schooling without facing any problems and our hearts were at rest. When they died we had to live with our grandmother. She fell very sick and we came out of school for a full term to look after her. we were treating grandmother but she was not getting better. She died…so…we got our schoolmates’ books and copied notes that they had taken while we were away from school…we face the problem of not having good friends. Some see us as a disease… though other people are not bad. Some call us names and say that we are beggars, that we probably inherited it from our late parents..Ever since our parents died, we have not had peace. we spend most of the time thinking, crying and struggling within ourself asking God to help us go through this.

Please anyone who would love to help these kids comment below or inbox us.

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